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What to Pack on a Hike


Who’s ready to hit the trails and enjoy some of this Colorado sunshine?! I know we are, but before we do let’s make sure we are prepared + ready!

The Colorado weather has its own personality! For those who haven’t lived here through a season or two, the weather can change in an instant. The forecast may say one thing, and mother nature says another! For example, it’s April here, and all week was supposed to be cloudy during the day, and snow at night, but instead it snowed all day long in one city, and another town it snowed 6 inches overnight. Another example is the chilly air in the morning, a beating sun in the afternoon, and snow at night! So, what do you do when you want to go for a moderate hike in the mountains?

You pack all the things!

not joking!

No matter how long the hike is, 2 miles or 8 miles, make sure to have these items in your pack.

1.       stocking cap: Between now and June, we want to keep a stocking cap in our pack for the early morning sunrise hikes, or when we head up in elevation. The higher in elevation we go, the cooler the temp gets.

2.       extra layers : the morning might be chilly, but then the sun comes out and bam, you are warm, then you get to a higher elevation and boom, you’re cold again.

3.       hiking boots or tennis shoes : The snow run off makes trails real muddy!

4.       spikes or walking poles (or both) : spikes, also known as crampons, slide on to your shoes to help you have a more stable footing. These are worn when there is packed snow or ice on the trail. If the trial has more covering than open spaces, spikes are nice to have for extra stability. If you don’t have spikes, walking poles are helpful as well. These are nice to have as well for walking the decline.

5.       sun block : The spring sun’s power sneaks up on all of us! If the trail has some snow, the sun reflects and hits us in the face! Just because the temperature isn’t “hot” doesn’t mean the sun rays aren’t either.

6.       all the water : drink plenty of water the day before your hike and in the morning. Bring extra bottles of water for the hike itself and keep extra in the car to drink once you are done.

7.       energy giving snacks : bring snacks that give your body nutrients and extra energy boosts. That can include apple sauce packets – you know, the ones little kids enjoy! Trail mixes that contain mixed nuts and dried fruit. Be sure to avoid the chocolatey – they melt and make a mega mess!

8.       sunglass to protect your pretty eyes from the sun rays

9.       a bandana : what happens if you get a cut on the trail or you’re sweatier than you thought, and sunblock is dripping in your eyes?

10.   small first aid kit : blisters are a thing!

11.   a hammock : for a more leisure hike, bring your hammock to post up for a lovely little break, smell the fresh air and take in the rays!

Blog photo credit: Toomas Tartes

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