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The Meaning of the Colorado Flag

As you are strolling downtown Denver or visiting the mountain towns, have you ever noticed how many people wear the Colorado flag? Maybe it’s a hat, a hoodie, or even the Colorado flag worn like a cape, why is that? Why is everyone so proud of the Colorado flag?

At The Colorado Store, we are very proud of the flag! We are proud of what it stands for and the unity that comes from it. Whether you’re a native Coloradan, a visitor, or a transplant, we all have found a bit of pride in this state. So why is that? What makes the Colorado flag stand out? What’s the history of the flag, and what does it mean?

Colorado History

  • In 1861, the same state borders we call today established the Colorado Territory.
  • Colorado became the 38th State of the United States on August 1, 1876. We still celebrate it today as Colorado Day!
  • In 1910, the Daughters of American Revolution (D.A.R.) met and decided the state needed a flag. Unknowingly one already existed, but the only copy lived in a janitors closet. These ladies drew up a design, but no one cared for it. In 1911, a man by the name Andrew Carlisle Carson submitted his vision for the flag. Three stripes of equal size, the middle stripe white, sandwiched by blue stripes, with a large C in the and a gold disk in the middle of the C (sound familiar?). Within 5 months, this design was approved.
  • June 5, 1911 our flag was approved. The legislation of the flag even designates the right to use it “with the privilege of use by all citizens upon such occasions as they may deem fitting and appropriate,” meaning every single hat, hoodie, coffee mug etc that has the Colorado flag on them, is allowed by law!

The Flag The Colorado flag wasn’t just made up of random colors and the letter C. Each element on the Colorado flag has a purpose and meaning. Most importantly, it represents the undeniably beautiful landscape.

  • The strips on the Colorado flag, situated behind the letter C represent the blue skies and snow-capped mountains! The blue stripe is the same color blue as on the United States Flag.
  • The red C on the Colorado flag represents the ruddy-colored earth found throughout Colorado and happens to be the same red as the United States flag.
  • The Gold disk in the center of the C represents the hundreds of sunny days we have annually!

& why it matters to us!

At The Colorado Store, we want to be as true as we can to all things Colorado! The flag helps us show our love and pride in where we came from and who we serve. We love our mountains, the sunshine, the clear bright blue skies, and everything nature can offer. We also love supporting our locals, our local businesses, and local artists. We are proud to be Coloradans, and our company helps us share our pride in where we live, and why we do what we do! 

So, with that, this is us giving you full permission to have and wear confidently the Colorado flag! Wear our bold flag shirts with pride, our simple trucker hats with confidence, and use our sweet tumblers and camping accessories with joy!

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