Colorado Flag Double Hammock

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  • High quality 100% parachute nylon.
  • Includes round storage bag sewn on hammock
  • Web strap for hanging with carabiner stead of rope
  • Weight limit 350 lbs

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1 review for Colorado Flag Double Hammock

  1. Walt Schwerin

    I’ll admit, I did not buy this hammock from this site, I actually bought it in Breckenridge, CO at the “Joy of Sox” store but they no longer carry them, so I plan on ordering one here for a friend of mine. I think this hammock is awesome, mine is this exact WILCOR hammock – with the CO flag design – which is kinda hard to find. The straps are a bit different than many hammocks out there like ENO or others in that the metal “clasp” you see is what the hammock carabiners clip on to – unlike others where you hook the hammock via a series of “strap loops” to get the right length – this makes it micro-adjustable so to speak as the “clasp” can slide the full length of the strap – so easy to use and fun to show off the love for CO!

    • Danni Switzer

      Thank you so much for your comment! We love this hammock so much!

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