Outdoor Adventures

Meet Eddy

Hello everyone! We have a new member of the family we’d love to introduce you to! We met him, adventuring the tops of the mountain, fishing, and hiking like all of us. After hearing about his experiences and history, and all of his stories, we couldn’t resist inviting him into the family business!

His name is Eddy, and we think he is the most rad being around. We thought the best way for you to get to know him was through an interview. Here’s what he had to say!

From Eddy:

Hello! It is so nice to meet you all and join this awesome family business! I am stoked to see what we can accomplish together! 

The Store: We are thrilled to have you with us as well, we have plenty to learn from you, and we can’t wait to share your adventure stories with our community! All right, first question, a simple one:

What is your favorite color?

Eddy: Oh, that isn’t as simple as you think! Can I have two? 

The Store: Of course!

Eddy: Okay, I would have to say deep forest green and bluebird sky blue. I think those are my favorite because it reminds me of home. When I see forest green, I can smell the pine trees, and bluebird sky blue brings joy and excitement, it just cheers me up!

The Store: What is your favorite meal?

Eddy: Oh yes, by far it would be fresh-caught rainbow trout smoked over an open fire, with a snow cone for dessert! 

The Store: Where are you originally from?

Eddy: My ancestry is actually from the Himalayan Mountains, but my great-great-grandfather and his wife moved the family to Colorado after visiting his Bigfoot cousins. We have lived here ever since, so does that technically make me a native?!

The Store: well, technically you were born here, so yes, a Colorado native you are! What is your favorite activity in Colorado?

Eddy: Playing hide and seek with the humans. I’ve gotten so good at it, that my new favorite place to play this game is at the busy ski resorts. 

The Store: That’s awesome, so far you haven’t been found yet. You really are good at that game! Everyone – now you know another fun activity while shredding over the weekend! 
Okay, next question. Is Eddy short for anything? What other nicknames do you have? 

Eddy: Well, my original name is Edward Himalin, but my family calls me Eddy and my cousins call me Eddy the Yeti because… you know, they are from the Bigfoot family. Otherwise, people call me Ed, E, E-ward… I think that’s about it.

The Store: Those are fun! Okay, last question for now. What are you most excited about with joining our family?

Eddy: I am very excited to share my stories and experiences with your community. The adventures we are about to take are amazing, and I hope will be a great guide to those who visit and help bring excitement and inspiration to the locals here! I can’t wait to explore all that Colorado has!

The Store: There you have it, friends! To learn more about Yeti, and join us on these adventures, stay tuned! 

That was fun, even though it was a very short and quick interview, we have so much in store for our community! We hope to keep up with all of Eddy the Yeti’s adventures, and bring them right here, to you! If you’d like to follow along as we explore Colorado, subscribe below to follow along on this adventure!