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Hiking Etiquette 101

Raise your hand if you love hiking the trails of CO!

The Golden Rule : treat others the way you want to be treated : including mother nature + it’s wildlife!

From beginners to those who live for the trails, we all hold a responsibility to protect the beautiful nature around us and help everyone have an enjoyable adventure. With more and more people enjoying the great outdoors there are some key behaviors to keep mind while we are out on the trails.

1. stay on the trail! We have all heard the saying, “Leave no trace” this doesn’t just mean picking up your trash (we will get to that soon) but it also means staying on the trail. When we venture off trial, we can damage or kill plants, animals and ecosystems surrounding the trial. Remember to leave rocks and vegetation as you found them.

2. don’t be trashy! Pick up all things you brought with you. When you stop for a snack, please remember to gather your trash and through it in the trash bins at the end of the trial or when you get home. If your dog child comes along and they use the restroom, pick up their dumping, bag it in doggy bags and throw it away in the nearest trash bin. DO NOT leave it on the ground saying you will pick it up on your way back. We all know you won’t.

3. who has the right of way! This one can be confusing, but just remember these.

  • Hikers going uphill go first
  • Bikers stop for hikers!
  • Hikers stop for horses

4. know your surroundings. pay attention to what is around you, be heard, and pay attention to the wildlife around you!

5. let nature be your music. headphones are cool, but when the music becomes distracting or too loud, it becomes disrespectful to the other hikers enjoying the true sounds of mother nature. More importantly, it distracts from animals being able to hear their fellow beings and could mean life or death.

We are all in this together! Together we can love and enjoy the great outdoors, protect our land, and find peace, stillness, and rejuvenation from mother nature.

Adventure on! See you on the trails!

Blog photo credit: Alyssa Teboda | Location: Lone Eagle Peak in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

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