Young lady looking at the view while climbing via Feratta.
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Explore Colorado’s Best Feratta’s

Colorado is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, outdoor adventures, and vibrant culture. While hiking and skiing might be the first activities that come to mind when envisioning a trip to this picturesque state, there’s another thrilling pursuit that’s gaining popularity among adventurers: ferattas. 

Ferattas, derived from the Italian word for “iron road,” is a unique blend of rock climbing and mountaineering. These vertical pathways wind their way up sheer rock faces, often equipped with steel cables, ladders, and other fixed anchors to assist climbers in navigating the route, basically a ropes course, but on a cliff. We pulled together a few ferattas to help you take your hiking to a new level.

Peregrine Arte Via Ferrata 

Experience Rocky Mountain National Park in a way you never have before. Sore through the mountains and see a lanscape like never before by scaling the cliffs via Ferratas. Peregrine Arte via Ferrata ascends a 600-foot cliff with a series of cables, natural steps, ladders, and steel cables. Enjoy a simple 45-minute hike to begin your adventure and prepare for the 2 to 5-hour experience ahead! This course starts with the most physically demanding moves at the beginning to give you a taste of whats ahead. Plan to adventure for an average of 5 to 6-hours from start to finish depending on skill level and the size of your group.

This hike is only available through guides for safety reasons, and expert help. KMAC guides, all equipment required including harnesses. To learn more or book your tour, check out the KMAC website.

Telluride Via Ferrata 

Climbers scaling the massive cliff Via Ferrata in Telluride. Photo by Zach Betten on Unsplash

What better way to see the picturesque landscape of Telluride than on a thrilling Ferrata adventure? One of the most renowned feratas in Colorado was created by local legend Charles Frederick “Chuck” Kroger. An adventure seeker and athlete to say the least least created a series of narrow hiking paths and rugged iron ladder stairs welded into a massive cliff towering above the town of Telluride. Climbers secure themselves onto a metal cable running along the face of the rock. Enjoy breathtaking views on this 4.8 mile loop involving some trail sections, without cable, that are narrow and exposed.

This route can be self-guided. Many sections are un-cabled and require carabiners, shock leashes and natural foot and hand holds. Add piece of mind and security by using a variety of rope systems with a guide. Grab your friends and book a Guide with Telluride Mountain Guides and have an adventure of a life time.

Mount Blue Sky/ Idaho Springs 

Looking for a wild adventure much closer to Denver? Trek over to Idaho Springs to explore Mount Blue Sky’s (formerly known as Mount Evans) breathtaking views by a true mountaineering experience. By combining rock climbing, ziplining, 70 feet of rappel. Begin your guided Via Ferrata adventure by being fitted for equipment and a ride to the trailhead. Once cliffside, traverse across iron rungs, walk across a bridge you’d see in the jungle, and even soar through a zipline course. Mount Blue Sky Via Ferratta is only accessible through a guide, to learn more visit Colorado Via Ferrata.

Once your adventure is over, grab a meal at several delicious locations before you home for the night.

Tours start around $149 per climber. Book your tour now!

Granite Via Ferrata

Combine your next rafting trip with a thrilling cliffside climb the next time you visit Buena Vista, Colorado. Take in the incredible views of the Arkansas River, Mosquito Range, and Sawatch Range as you traverse through on ladders, rungs, suspended bridges, and carved steps. To make this adventure even more exhilarating, take the opportunity to jump off their 50-foot free fall. Let the adventure begin.

This guided adventure will take place rain or shine, so come prepared with a rain jacket, water, and extra layers. Be sure to swing by your favorite brewery, the river, and your favorite restaurant before cashing in for the night. Start planning your next trip to Buena Vista and take your adventure to the next level.

Tours start around $109 per climber. Book your tour today.

Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata

The Arapaho Basin Via Ferrata is home to the highest ferrata in North America. This fully guided service allows you to pick a full day or ½ day adventure venturing up to 13,000 feet in elevation. Take in the breathtaking 360 views and reach an old mine shaft, learning a little history of the area before you climb down. All equipment is provided including harnesses, ropes, and helmets, but previous rock-climbing experience is not needed.

When choosing the full day, start your morning with a cup of coffee in the lodge and enjoy a gourmet lunch made by your guides very own chief. Be sure to pack for all weather conditions with a rain jacket, extra layers, and plenty of water.

Full Day experience (6 hrs + lunch included): Starts at $199

Half day (4 hrs) prices start at $149


What sets ferattas apart from traditional rock climbing is the accessibility they offer to adventurers of all abilities. While technical skills and physical fitness are certainly beneficial, ferattas provide a safer and more controlled environment for exploring vertical terrain. Beyond physical challenges and the adrenaline rush, ferattas also provide a unique opportunity to connect with Colorado’s natural beauty. Safety is paramount when undertaking any outdoor adventure, and ferattas are no exception. Stay safe and enjoy a new adventure in Colorado. 

See ya on the mountain!

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