Colorado Patio Season

Colorado patio season is our favorite season of the year here at The Colorado Store. It’s a time for friends, family and neighbors to come together, hang out and enjoy a cold beverage in the beautiful Colorado weather and landscape. We all gather from the moment it warms to the time where fire pits and heaters just won’t cut it. We are there, outside in the fresh air and a beverage and good eats in our hands.

Here are just a few of our favorite spots in and around South Denver.

The Golden Mill :
This beaut just opened their doors Spring of 2021! With the desire to keep the historic mill alive and bring the Golden community together, the owners partnered with The Stanley Marketplace to create an environment perfect for gathering people and what people love most, food & beverages. With wonderful fulls of both North and South Table Top Mountain and the sounds of the Clear creek, this patio is for everyone.

Behind The Scenes Tap House :
This self-serve tap house uses iPourIt technology so that guests don’t have to wait to be served, but have the gratifying feeling of refilling their glasses when they are thirsty! What is even cooler, is that this Tap House movie theme was inspired from Goldberg Brothers, Inc. you know, the logo you’ve seen on any legitimate movie reel. As they are the number one reel producer in the United states for over 150 years.
Come by Behind the Scenes Tap House and enjoy the Rockies on their massive roll out movie screen, or enjoy a family movie night on the big screen.

Living the Dream Brewing Company :
“Great beer, Great People, Great Times” Established in 2014, this is one of our favorite places to go! Crafted just behind the bar, Living the Dream provides fresh and tasty brews. One reason we love this place is that all of their beers; with the exception of their wheat beers, are gluten reduced! This is possible during the fermentation process! Read more here about how they make these gluten reduced. With a good brewery comes yummy food trucks, and at Living the Dream, that’s exactly what you will see when you walk up. Swing by for a surprise dinner, or follow their social media to get their menu.

Breckenridge Brewery : Farmhouse :
Tasting Rooms, event center, 12 acres of bliss, what more could you ask for! Breckenridge Brewery’s second location is located only 10 miles south of Denver. Find them just off of the Platte River, bike trails or the highway! Summer time vibes brings live music, fire pits, a beer garden and tasty food. Family and dog friendly – be sure to stop by.

The Bacon Social House :
Bacon. Bacon in everything, did someone even say a bacon flight?! With three locations in the Denver area, you know this has to be a cool spot! Our favorite location is located in downtown Littleton. With rooftop seating and large spacious mid century modern vibes, this place is an experience.

Snooze an A.M. Eatery :
The breakfast place of all breakfast places! Beginning in 2006, two brothers came together to serve their community with sustainable and super tasty breakfast meals. If you like pancakes, and tasty morning drinks with a twist, this is the place! With several locations to choose from, you won’t be disappointed!

Cover photo credit : @tommyvkessel

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