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6 Colorado Camping Essentials

Summertime in Colorado brings many adventures, explorations, and activities. The sun is out the majority of the time, with an afternoon shower to cool the temps. The mountains are ginormous and the glaciers are always inviting. This summer, hit the road with your friends and family and explore our amazing backyard. Stay the night at a campsite and explore more the next day.

It’s time to pack your car, fill a cooler full of food, and have friends by your side. Camping season is here and we can’t wait to set up camp, start that campfire and listen to the insects’ chirp and buzz. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we pulled together six camping essentials to pack for each trip. From the obvious items like a tent, food, and water, to the comfort pleasures and items that give your campsite style.

A safe place to lay your head at night.

Many campers love the idea of sleeping under the stars, and while that may be risky with our Colorado weather, we don’t hate the idea either. To be on the safe side, always bring a tent. One large enough to comfortably house those you’re camping with. A two-person tent doesn’t leave much room for accessories but is perfect for only two humans, sleeping bags, and pads. The larger the tent, the more humans are needed to keep warm at night.

You can find a variety of new tents at REI or Backcountry. We also recommend looking at used tents, for example, you can find these at Feral, REI Garage Sale, or GearTrade.

While the tent is important, don’t forget a sleeping bag and pads (if you don’t want to sleep on the hard ground).

Comfort by the fire with a Colorado-inspired camping chair.

It might be cool to sit on a log or a rock, but after a while, your bum and back start to feel it. So why not pack a compact chair to use while sitting around the fire, or while eating meals.

Dressing for comfort and the weather.

Always check the weather before you head out. The worst part of camping is being wet and cold. So make sure you prepare with the essential items like hoodies, a raincoat, and a beanie.

Below is a list of essentials we believe will keep you most protected from the elements and the most comfortable no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

  • Hoodies or Sweatshirts: the perfect added layer when the weather dips.
  • Jacket: make sure it’s waterproof in case it rains.
  • Socks: keep those toes warm by the fire or even while you’re sleeping. If your campsite is mostly dirt, socks also help keep your feet clean. Make sure you have a fresh pair for each day.
  • Shirts: a few options are great. Don’t be the stinky one at camp.
  • Sandals: a comfort piece for around camp. Some of our friends even have slippers.
  • Swimwear: Especially if you’re around hot springs.
  • Sunglasses & hats: the sun is very bright all the time.

A Colorado Flag Pocket Knife.

You never know when you will need to cut some food, cut a string from your pant pocket, or cut down a tree! Clean the knife before you use it for anything, this is a key tool for every camper.

Food & Water.

You can never pack too much food or water. The air is dry in Colorado, so plenty of water will be key in preventing headaches and dehydration. Camp in style with Colorado-inspired drinkware. Get creative with your meal planning for camping trips and don’t forget the tinfoil and seasonings.

With so many ways to stay hydrated in style, from coozies, to fun bottle openers and tumblers that keep your water cold for many hours at a time, we are confident you can at least be in style while attempting to stay hydrated. Remember to pack extra water to drown your fire each night and every time you leave camp. When it comes to camp food, have fun, be creative.

Stay extra warm with a blanket.

Wrapping up in a cozy blanket around the fire is our favorite. Take the warmth from the fire with you into the tent by using the cozy blanket as an extra layer.

Cozy up at camp in your new favorite Colorado-inspired blanket.
Enjoy your new favorite Colorado blanket.
**items vary per location

The next time you’re packing for your camping trip, make sure you have these six camping essentials. If you need any of these amazing items, shop The Colorado Store for the above needs, (maybe not the tent!) One last thought, be sure to check the county you plan to camp in for fire bans and campfire safety. The last few years have been very dry and windy, causing fire bans all over the state.

Not sure where to plan your next camping trip? Check out our latest blog posts, Quick Guide to Colorado National Parks and Discover 7 Incredible Colorado State Parks for camping spot ideas.


See you in the wilderness!

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